The little creatures of the garden + personal Swiss tree


Not only do you offer a VESA memory game “The little creatures of the garden”, but you also get the opportunity to plant a tree in Switzerland in the child’s name! After your purchase, depending on the current availability of our partner Almighty Tree, we will contact you with the details of the plantation and the exact location of your name tree. You will even receive a certificate to make your ownership official!

Description of "The little creatures of the garden"

A classic game as old as time, but revised! Accessible to all ages, this sustainable memory game enables you to discover small animals that are hidden in our gardens. Have fun finding pairs and learning their names in French, German and English. What is exceptional is that – FSC wood, Swiss design, and production – the whole supply chain is sustainable!

Apropos a sustainable supply chain… The 18 pairs of honeycombs are made of FSC-certified poplar crosswood and are manufactured in the Bellechasse penitentiary. The game is protected by a bag of remnant moulure cotton organised by LU Couture. These packagings are sewn by the awesome apprentices of the LU Fashionschool. The visuals on it are lovingly screen-printed with water-based colours by Susanne Bissig. The illustrations of this edition were crafted by Flavia Korner and Jakob Näf from the collective Atelier Cammarus.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 7 × 15.8 × 20.5 cm
Theme set of cubes

Seasonal market, Swiss wildlife